FBO Services

Most pilots and schedulers have fairly low expectations for service at an off the beaten path airport of our size.  WHAMMY!  Emblem is different.  We exceed those low expectations, and offer the following services with gusto:

  • Aircraft Fueling– It may seem that we charge and arm and a leg, but that’s only because it costs us an arm, a leg, and sometimes even our first born as collateral:
    • JET-A: Full Service (aka Fuel Truck)
    • 100LL: Assisted. We’ll do it for free if available (Self service will be available starting in May)
  • Aircraft Maintenance– Brought to you by THE one and only John Douglas, Our Single-Engine Atlantic Ocean Crosser
  • Aircraft Towing and GPU– Lektro’s are Awesome!
  • Aircraft Deicing– Type I Fluid in a real deice truck, not a bug sprayer.
  • Lavatory Cart– We have considered charging per pound.
  • Clean Potable Water- It’s made with High Quality H2O, hand delivered from the mountains of America.
  • Hangar Rental and Bear Den- Yes, we have housed real bears in here!
  • No Tie-Down Fees– We even try to check that you tied down correctly when the wind kicks up.
  • Vehicle Rentals– Both kinds offered. The one’s you’re afraid to crash and the one’s you try to.
  • Catering– This is food and stuff.
  • Free Ice– That’s right folks, as much ice as you need. It important to note that it is freezing more than 6 months of the year.
  • Free Moose Chasing– We try to make sure the moose stay away from your plane.