Guest Services

Let’s face it. Our building was new in 1982, but we take Passenger and Pilot comfort straight to our core. We work hard to fix and issues and upgrade the facility where we can. In the almost near future we hope to have new facilities, but in the meantime let’s keep our blinders on and focus on the Flat Screen LCD TV in the lounge.

  • Passenger & Baggage Assistance– Provided via a speedy golf cart, this will get your blood pumping.
  • Catering Arrangements– We only nibble a little on the crust before we give it to you.
  • Concierge Services– This is a fancy way of saying our people will help you find what you need.
  • Rental Cars On-Site– Yes we own them, so treat them nice.
  • Passenger Lobby– The essence of luxury!  You’ll see…
  • Crew Lounge– This is only for nice, clean pilots, but once a biker slept all night in there!
  • Conference Room– Even the CEO of Shell would approve.
  • WiFi as well as Computer – This is high tech folks, with a mouse, keyboard, and everything!
  • Aquatic Center Passes– We could all lose a few around the midsection, or at least we could.
  • Courtesy Car for Paying Customers– No doing donuts!  We know who you are…
  • Complimentary Coffee, Sodas, Ice, and Bottled Water– We humbly request that you please purchase fuel before swiping. Also, line tips pay for this free stuff so be generous.