Runway Length: 8900 ft.
Runway Heading: 11-29
Elevation: 7086 ft.
AWOS: 118.325


100LL Avgas - Assisted/Self Service
Jet-A - Full Service
KPNA - Pinedale, WY - Ralph Wenz Airport


Welcome to Our Website!

After years of marketing ourselves the way everyone else in our industry does, we’ve decided to take a semi-calculated risk and change our approach. Effective marketing is an elusive concept and something that everyone thinks they do well. Quite frankly, most end up saying a whole lot while not communicating anything real.  Most companies try to make themselves look bigger than they are, or more legitimate, thus hiding who they really are. We say RUBBISH!

So let’s have some fun with this and please don’t take offense. Our new website was designed to showcase our serious business, in a more human way. After all, who can be stuffy all the time? They say that there is “truth in every jest” and such is the case here. There is a story behind the content and the majority of them would leave you scratching your head in amazement. Aviation is not just about the glory and romance of yesteryear, but is a source of passion for forward thinkers and fun loving weekend warriors. We love it all.

Our love of aviation extends to the Piper Cub pilot with adventurous stories of Alaska, as well as to Gulfstream V pilot who has flown VIP’s the world over.  Each has its own world and expectations, but each is a vital part of our industry.  We just happen to be privileged to serve them all.

Please enjoy our new look, and feel free to like us on facebook, send us a burrito, or post your own stories (but for the love of heaven, no cat videos).  PS… Make sure to read all the content…every last bit